Jiangsu Jiaqi new website revision online!

The publisher:admin Time:2020-09-16
   In order to better enhance and show the company's image, strengthen the network publicity, enhance user experience, for the company's operation and development to create good conditions, our company's website smoothly upgrade revision completed!
   The new version of the company's website is not just a simple page optimization and rearrangement, but a comprehensive upgrade from the dissemination of ideas, content construction, user experience and other aspects.The website revision in order to facilitate product publicity, improve the company's influence as the goal, the website column setting, function design, service content and form of expression have made a greater adjustment, according to the needs of the new column plate, further integration of the company's information resources, to provide customers with more efficient and convenient service!
   The new website can be adaptive to the computer, tablet and mobile phone terminal display browsing, convenient for customers to browse information anytime and anywhere, share information!
   Hope that new and old customers, partners, industry experts continue to pay attention to, to provide more valuable advice!
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