Proper maintenance of eyewear fabric is essential

The publisher:admin Time:2020-09-16
   People are becoming more and more protective of their eyes, and at the same time, they are taking care of their glasses due to the increasing price of glasses.But "good intentions do not necessarily lead to good", about the care of glasses there are a lot of people in the name of "maintenance" to destroy it day and night.
   We all know when the merchant will give us a piece of cloth for glasses, we always feel the small cloth for glasses, wipe the lens with a corner or napkin can be solved.Little do not know, the stand or fall that small eye cloth maintains to glasses has very big influence.There are hundreds of kinds of eyewear cloth on the market. Choosing the right eye cloth can delay the life of eyewear, while the bad eye cloth plus the uncomfortable method will easily wear out the good eyewear.
   The correct way to maintain glasses is to clean them with dishwashing liquid and then wipe the water stains with a cloth.
   There are many kinds of eyewear cloth, mainly sheepskin, microfiber, suede and double-sided, etc.Under a high-powered microscope, the fibers of eyewear cloth are arranged more closely than those of ordinary cloth, and the material itself is softer than ordinary cloth.This is because almost all the eyeglasses on the market are coated lenses. Even if the ordinary cloth is soft, the dust particles in the air will be embedded into the fiber gap of the cloth for a long time. Wiping glasses with such cloth is just like wearing glasses with sandpaper.Special glasses cloth is much better in this respect, but also pay attention to regular cleaning.
   Once someone spread, "glasses cloth is not used to wipe glasses, long-term use of glasses cloth to wipe glasses, will cause lens wear".In fact, eyewear cloth and other daily necessities in life, can not be used for too long, if the poor quality of eyewear cloth or use too long without replacement, it is easy to cause the lens more rub more blurred situation.Damage to the lens can also occur if not used correctly.Professional ophthalmologists make it clear that clot
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