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Material£ºMicrofibre + Lined sponge composition
Fiber fineness of silk is only one-tenth the diameter of 0.4¦Ìm. Glasses cloth made from imported looms, its surface properties uniform, compact, soft, high elasticity of the fine cashmere Mission, a strong decontamination, water absorption. To be polished surface without the slightest injury, a common cilia do not produce cotton fabric falling; washable, durable.
Superabsorbent£ºSuperfine fiber using orange petal type technology will filament into eight lobes, so that the fibers increase the surface area, pore increase in fabric, with the help of capillary wicking effect enhanced absorption effect. Rapid absorption and fast drying as it significant characteristics

Widely used in a variety of optical glasses, digital cameras, LED displays, sophisticated electronics and wipe, musical instruments, mobile phones, jewelry, watches and other kinds of cleaning wiping and quality packaging.

Screen Wipe
Screen Wipe
Screen Wipe
Screen Wipe
Screen Wipe
Screen Wipe
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