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Microfiber gloves, clean gloves, fabric 100% lint, lint-free, clean, clean. Microfiber refined, do not scratch the surface damage, can effectively remove surface dirt, oil, water, mainly protect the product surface, will not scratch the product. The product is available 170-200G microfiber cloth per square meter of the system, product sub S, M, L No.

LCD, LED, LCM, TFT, IMD, IML, HDD, PCB, FPC, optical, optoelectronic, optical glass, optical lenses, optical lenses, optical, mobile camera, mobile phone casing, the phone keypad, computer monitors, computer touch screens, LCD monitors, digital cameras, video cameras, office equipment maintenance, high precision products, can effectively prevent and wipe the dust!

Microfiber Gloves
Microfiber Gloves