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Microfiber Properties


¡Ì Super Absorbent: microfiber using orange petal type technology will filament into eight lobes, so that the fibers increase the surface area, pore increase in fabric, with the help of capillary wick effect enhanced absorption effect. Rapid absorption and fast drying as it significant characteristics.
¡Ì Strong decontamination : 0.4¦Ìm diameter micro-fiber fineness of silk is only 1/10 of its special cross-section can more effectively capture small dust grains to several microns, decontamination, to the effect of the oil is very obvious.
¡Ì Do not shed: high strength synthetic fiber filament, not broken, while using fine weave, not spinning, not off circle, fiber is not easy fall off from the surface. Use it to make wiping clean towels, Cache towels especially for wiping the surface of bright paint, plating surface, glass, gauges and LCD screen, etc.
¡Ì Long life: As the ultra-fine fiber strength, toughness, and therefore it is more than four times the life of ordinary cotton fiber life, many times after washing is still degeneration, while the polymer fibers will not produce like cotton fiber proteolysis , even after use is not dry, it will not mildew, rot, has a long life.
¡Ì Easy to clean: microfiber is adsorbed on the dirt between the fibers (rather than inside the fiber), coupled with high fiber fineness, density, and therefore strong adsorption capacity, after use just a little with water or detergent.
¡Ì Do not fade: the agent and process for the microfiber material to clean the surface of the object at the time will not bring trouble fading pollution.


¡Ì Wipe lens cloth: used to clean all types of glass, coatings, resin lenses, the lens can also be used for various types of profiling, CD, audio, video heads, the TV screens.
¡Ì Industrial Wipes: LSI.IC computers, precision machining, microelectronics manufacturing, advanced mirror production and other clean room with a cloth.
¡Ì Daily cleaning cloth upscale furniture, lacquer, glass and car body, jewelry and other clean with a cloth.
¡Ì Towels, handkerchiefs, bath towels sporting goods (such as golf clubs, badminton, etc.), musical instruments (such as guitar, violin, etc.) clean.
¡Ì Outdoor sports: sports towel, sweat towel, beach towels, face protection sets and other use.


¡Ì Dry cloth: For dust, water stains and other stains with a dry cloth to wipe the most appropriate. When confronted rub stains can be difficult to spray some vinegar, which would easily removed.
¡Ì Damp cloth: For the water rust, black stains, grease and other stains wipe with a damp cloth wrung very effective, and then wipe it with a dry cloth cleaner.
¡Ì Soapy water: If you encounter difficulty with a damp cloth to wipe stains, dip a small amount of soapy water, so difficult to rub oil or dust will easily be removed.


¡Ì Wipe encounter when solid waste, sand, etc., be careful not to scratch microfiber cloth.
¡Ì Wipe the silver and gold products when careful not to draw scratches.
¡Ì Do not use bleach when washing alkaline.
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